Cat and small animal feeding + home visits

Whether youíre going away for a night or a month we can visit your house to take care of your pets. It's well known that cats are very sensitive to change, and that changing their surroundings can easily cause them stress . Cat feeding and home visits is a great solution.

While you are away, your cats can stay in their own home and come and go as they usually do. We will come in and provide them with fresh food, water and attention. This is a great way for your cats to get all their needs while you're away.

We offer the same service for small pets from hamsters to exotics.

Dog Walking

Sometimes you just don't have the time to satisfy your dog's daily needs Ė you are busy at work, or you want to go out for the day but just can't help feeling guilty over leaving your pets behind.

Cozy Paws Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters can help you out! You no longer have to feel bad for keeping your dogs shut-in all day, we can come round and walk them for you. We can feed, play and give them the attention they need.

Puppy/ dog visits

We both have plenty of experience with puppies, and enjoy the different stages they go through. After all the hard work you put into toilet-training them, you don't want to reverse it by keeping your puppy locked inside all day, knowing they can't hold on until you get home. There's nothing worse than coming home after a long day at work and having to clean up after your puppy. We can let them out to relieve themselves, feed them and also play games with your puppy, providing stimulation to an active youngster.

If you have an elderly dog who you donít want to leave shut-in all day Cozy Paws can help. We will come to your house and spend time with your beloved pet to break up their day and let them out to relieve themselves, feed them and of course give lots of cuddles. We have both gained experience working with elderly pets during our years of Veterinary Nursing so understand the extra attention an elderly pet may need.

Picture of Tilly Picture of Adam holding a bearded dragon Picture of Ethan with rat

Exotic/Horse/domestic farm animals feeding and visits

If this is a service you require, please contact us for further information.

Medication Administration Visits

As qualified Veterinary Nurses we are trained and experienced in administering oral or injectable medication to any of your pets. We can do this as part of any of the above visits or as a visit on its own if youíre needing help with medicating your pet.

Home Care

We know itís important for your peace of mind that your house is in good hands. We can remove post from your front door, put bins out and bring them back in, open and close curtains and turn lights on and off if requested. We can also water any indoor house plants as you require.